Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

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Although there is a tendency for people to be baptised as Adults (or as Children who are completely aware of what the baptismal vows mean) we can baptise infants, particularly if parents have a strong Church background and are able to honestly undertake the vows themselves, on behalf of their children. Vows include a commitment to follow Jesus, and renounce evil and bring children up in the Christian faith and the appointment of Godparents who are able to profess Christian faith

For both adults and children it is seen as entry into the family of the church, and a period of instruction from an Elder or Minister is usually undertaken. There are no costs involved.

Please ask if you need to know more.


An alternative to Child Baptism is Dedication, in many ways similar to a baptism, a ceremony of thanksgiving for a child, combining a naming ceremony and sometimes the appointment of “ Elders” in place of Godparents who promise to help care and influence a child for good, perhaps taking on responsibility of teaching good money habits or the passing on of a skill at some stage.

For both Baptism of Children and Dedications the phrase ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ holds true!

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If you wish to book a wedding, we need you to speak to and meet with the Minister.

A licence is required from the local registry office, and once the licence has been granted the service can take place.

Recent legislation means that Wedding certificates are no longer issued in the traditional way, but confirmation of the marriage is sent on–line back to the Registry Office.

There are a variety of fees for weddings, depending on your requirements. These go to the Authorised Person (who deals with the legalities and the Registry Office), The Minister, For use of premises, Heating, Stewards etc. Our fees are generally much lower than other denominations for this.

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Our Minister is highly experienced in all aspects of Funerals, and will be happy to guide you through all that is required, and take very special note of what will be most appropriate in the Service.

Funerals do not have to be traditional and can incorporate most things that you wish to include.

As he says ‘It works because we become friends’

We suggest that you contact the Minister prior to meeting the Funeral Director, but then the Funeral Director will liaise with us to arrange the details.

Every effort will be taken to take care of you, and we will be your servants in this.

Alternatively Funeral Services can be taken at a Crematorium of your choice.

Fees are similar to Weddings, but less if only the Minister is required at the Crematorium.

We have no grave space available at Flore URC, but can accommodate burial of ashes.